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Foreign Exchange Regulations

Foreign Exchange Regulations

The CBA is the central foreign exchange bank for Aruba. As such, the CBA regulates payment transactions with abroad. The foreign exchange law and regulations have been put in place to support the monetary policy of Aruba. In the State Ordinance Foreign Exchange Transactions (SOFET) you will find the regulations concerning foreign exchange transactions (SOFET). With regard to outgoing capital transactions, dividend- and profit payments the CBA regulates it by  granting foreign exchange licenses or declarations respectively. Based on the Notice concerning foreign exchange transactions 02/K.1 (insert hyperlink) the CBA has issued a general foreign exchange license to resident-natural persons and resident entities to execute foreign capital transactions.  A natural person can execute foreign capital transactions up to three hundred thousand Aruban florins (Afl. 300,000) per calendar year or the equivalent thereof in foreign currency.  A company can execute foreign capital transactions up to seven hundred and fifty thousand Aruban florins (Afl. 750,000) per calendar year or the equivalent thereof in foreign currency.

Only, for amounts above aforementioned thresholds residents have to apply for a foreign exchange license. Click on the topics below for an application form for a foreign exchange license. 

Real estate (These requests can only be done digitally via the E-Client Service Portal, either via a notary or a commercial bank)



Donations, inheritance, gifts


Also, for transfers to and from notified foreign accounts the CBA has issued a general foreign exchange license (Decree concerning Foreign Exchange Transactions 2013/K.2). To be able to make use of this general license companies are required to report on a quarterly basis to the statistics department. If a company does not comply with the reporting  requirements, it will have to apply for a special foreign exchange license for each capital transaction (Click on the link for an application form).

Residents need a profit and dividend declaration to receive or pay out profit or dividend. Click below for an application form.

Profit or Dividend declaration Verzoek om ontheffing ex artikel 19.pdf 

If an entity wants to be classified as a non-resident, as determined in the SOFET,  and does not take part of the Aruban economy, it can request for an exemption ex Article 19 of the  SOFET (Click for application form).

Questions concerning foreign exchange licenses, profit and/or dividend declarations or exemptions ex Article 19 SOFET? Please send an email to