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The government, as defined by the Centrale Bank van Aruba, comprises all departments, including the Department of Public Works (DOW), 'Landsbedrijf Ontwikkelingsprojecten' (LOP) and the 'Fondo Desaroyo Aruba' (FDA). Thus, excluded are the social security sector, which comprises mainly the Social Security Bank (SVB) and the General Health Insurance (AZV).
Government bonds
A fixed interest security issued by the Government of Aruba through the Centrale Bank van Aruba.
Gross capital formation (national accounts)
Gross capital formation is equal to the total value of a producer's acquisition, fewer disposals, of fixed assets plus certain additions to the value of non-produced assets realized by the productive activity of institutional units.
Gross claims on government
Included here are the claims resulting from the issuance of coins and treasury bills. Also included are the banking sector loans granted to the government as well as government bonds in the hands of the monetary sector.
Gross domestic product (national accounts)
The total market value of goods and services produced in Aruba after deducting the cost of goods and services utilized in the process of production, but before deducting allowances for the consumption of fixed capital.


Hotel occupancy rate
The proportion of rooms or bed-places in a hotel that is occupied over some period of time (e.g., a month).


International Standard Industrial Classification of all economic activities is a standardized form of coding adopted by the United Nations.
Imports of goods and services (national accounts)
Imports of goods and services consist of purchases, barter, or receipts of gifts or grants, of goods and services by Aruban residents from the rest of the world.
Income (balance of payments)
Income covers dividends received on equity investments and participations, as well as interest on public and private sector loans, debt securities, and foreign assets and personal earned income.
Items not yet classified (balance of payments)
Transactions of which the underlying nature is not yet known. This item also includes profits and losses on foreign exchange transactions of the Centrale Bank van Aruba and the commercial banks as well as revaluation differences of foreign claims and liabilities of the commercial banks.