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Bank notes in circulation
Bank notes held by the public.
Bank notes issued
Bank notes issued by the Centrale Bank van Aruba and held by the public and commercial banks.
Banking transactions (balance of payments)
Banking transactions, according to the balance of payments definition, cover all capital transactions of authorized foreign exchange banks carried out for their own account. These transactions comprise, among other things, loans to and from foreign banks and nonbanks and their redemptions, the placement of notes with nonresidents issued for their own account and changes in their liquid claims and liabilities.
Business perception survey
A short questionnaire used by the Centrale Bank van Aruba to provide relevant information about main economic developments during a certain period, as well as a short-term outlook, thereby relying on the experience, judgment, and opinion of respondents, mainly leading businesses.


Capital account (balance of payments)
The capital account of the balance of payments consists of capital transfers and acquisition/disposal of non-produced nonfinancial assets. Capital transfers cover private transfers, being migrants' transfers, and official transfers, being payments in connection with development aid (capital grants).
Capital and financial account (balance of payments)
The capital and financial account of the balance of payments shows the financing of real resource flow. The capital account records an economy's capital transfers and transactions in non-produced, nonfinancial assets. The financial account records an economy's transactions in external financial assets and liabilities. The main elements of Aruba's capital account are:
Capital and reserves
Paid-up capital by residents, reserves, retained profits and the Centrale Bank van Aruba's current net income position.
All local and foreign currency in the form of bank notes and coins.
Centrale Bank van Aruba
Central Bank of Aruba. Established on January 1, 1986 when Aruba obtained its separate status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its mission is: "Working towards financial stability for the benefit of the people".
Claims on (foreign) banks
Balances with (foreign) central and commercial banks in convertible and other currencies.