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Supervisory Directives Credit Institutions

Categories: Supervision

Attached files

Directive on Sound Business Operations .pdf Download
Credit extensions to insiders.pdf Download
Large exposures to a group of connected clients.pdf Download
Supervisory requirements.pdf Download
Loan loss provisioning.pdf Download
Appointment of an external auditor.pdf Download
Publication of the audited annual financial statements.pdf Download
Managing Directors and members of the Supervisory Board.pdf Download
Prospective (in-)direct shareholders - natural persons.pdf Download
Internal audit in banks.pdf Download
The issuance of multipurpose prepaid money cards.pdf Download
Publication of the effective interest rate (or annual percentage rate (APR)) on consumer credit.pdf Download
Banking license requirements and admission requirements.pdf Download
Personal Questionnaire & associated guidance notes.pdf Download
Questionnaire external auditor & associated guidance notes.pdf Download