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Fraudulent Website Posing as the Financial Supervisory Authority of Aruba

Fraudulent Website Posing as the Financial Supervisory Authority of Aruba

Public Warning:

Fraudulent Website Posing as the Financial Supervisory Authority of Aruba

The Central Bank of Aruba (CBA) warns the public of a fraudulent website ( posing as the financial supervisory authority of Aruba. The website is designed to trick visitors, especially those who have been a victim of fraud or a scam, into providing their personal information, such as their e-mails, names and addresses, or to call them on telephone numbers starting with the area code +284. This area code is linked to telephone fraud, the so-called “one-ring-scam”. The fraudulent website uses a domain name that is similar to the official domain name of the CBA ( and the one of the Aruban Financial Intelligence Unit (

How to protect yourself from such scams?

  • Be wary of any website that e.g. claims to be a public authority from Aruba, yet refers to the financial stability of the United States and uses telephone numbers with a wrong area code (+284 instead of +297) or uses a visiting address of another institution (like in this case the address of the Parliament of Aruba, at L.G. Smith Blvd. 72, Oranjestad);
  • Do not enter any personal information on a website unless you are sure that it is the legitimate website of the public authority you are trying to access;
  • If you are unsure whether a website is legitimate, contact the relevant public authorities directly to verify.

If you have been scammed

If you have entered your personal information on the fraudulent website, you should take the following steps:

  • Contact your bank or credit card company immediately and let them know that you may have been a victim of fraud.
  • Change the passwords for all of your online accounts, including your email, bank, and credit card accounts.
  • Monitor your bank and credit card statements for any fraudulent transactions.

If you encounter a fraudulent website, please report it to the relevant authorities (i.e. the police or the public prosecutor’s office). By reporting the scam, you can help to protect others from falling victim to it!

Centrale Bank van Aruba

October 20, 2023

Read in PDF in Papiamento, Dutch and English:

Aviso Publico Website Fraudulento

Publieke waarschuwing Frauduleuze Website

Public Warning Fraudulent Website