Conversion of the Government of Aruba bearer bonds into electronic registered bonds

The Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA), designated as the emission bank of the GOA to issue GOA bonds, informs you as follows.

Pursuant to the State Decree regarding government securities (AB 1988 no. 6), as amended by the State Decree AB 2014 no. 64, the CBA is in the process of converting the outstanding GOA bearer bonds into electronic registered bonds on a voluntary basis. By converting bearer bonds into electronic bonds, bondholders do not need to safeguard their physical bonds anymore, and the CBA will automatically transfer the principal and interest payments to the registered bank account of the bondholders.

The CBA hereby invites all GOA bondholders who have not yet initiated their conversion process,to contact their respective commercial bank as soon as possible. To authorize this conversion, the bondholders must fill out and sign an authorization form at their respective commercial banks. Subsequently, the commercial banks are required to submit this form, together with a copy of a valid ID of the bondholder, to the CBA to start the conversion process. The CBA, in close cooperation with the commercial banks, will then convert the notified GOA bearer bonds into electronic registered bonds within 1 week. Once the GOA bonds are converted and registered, the commercial banks will provide the respective bondholder with a confirmation of the successful conversion.

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