"Bela Yen: Nos Plan Strategico 2016-2020" CBA - Centrale Bank Aruba

Bela Yen

"Nos Plan Strategico 2016-2020"
The strategic plan of the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA)

Bela Yen is a saying in Papiamento meaning

"Full steam ahead"
In this plan, we chart our course for the five years through 2020.

The environment in which the CBA operates has become increasingly more dynamic and complex.

Our Mission

We contribute to the financial stability and economic well-being of the Aruban community by:

Maintaining the stability of the value of the florin vis à vis the U.S. dollar

Promoting financial soundness and integrity of the financial system

Promoting an efficient and reliable payments system


In 2020, we are a prominent central bank in the region,
driven by a culture of integrity, excellence, and innovation.

The CBA is a prominent central bank in the region

The CBA executes its tasks in an efficient and result-oriented manner

The CBA is an attractive organization for top talents

Our core values

Our mission and vision are based on

Core Values, namely: